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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What is CustomOrderThis?

What is it? This is a way to get all of your internet needs for free. Or at least for me, because this is how I've gotten $500, lol. That helped pay for my Guild Wars: Factions, and a Playstation 3. What else have I gotten? I've gotten (For mmorpg's), free gpotatoes, free nexon cash, free acclaim game cards, free runescape memberships, free gCoins, and more. I play a lot of mmorpgs, lol. Currently, I'm getting a Sager laptop ($4,573 but I'm getting it for free) off of this website, just so I can use the internet whenever I want. The pictures of proof are to the right. Just a couple of pictures, not a lot.

-To get credit for offers, you have to clear your cookies before you do it, turn off your popup blocker, and turn off your firewall. You have to turn off your firewall and popup blocker, because the crediting system is automatic and a cookie is placed on your computer so the website can tell when you complete your offer. None of your information is sent anywhere, this website has well over 70,000 active members, so it is very trustworthy. A cookie can not harm your computer, so don't worry. I, personally, turn off my firewall/popup blocker before doing the offer, and once I'm on, I just turn it back on. The best thing is, you only have to do 5 surveys then your done forever, which is called "Forever Green". Which means, you will permanently have 1 offer credit, and you don't have to do offers anymore. That is the best thing about this website. It can take up to three days to credit, so don't worry.

Recommended Offers to Do:
  • McDonald's (1/5)
  • Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader (1/5)
  • iPhone (1/5)
  • $20 Gift (1/5)
  • $1000 Gas Gift Card (1/5)
  • EliteMate (1/2)
  • iPhone (1/5)
  • McDonald's (1/5)
  • Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader (1/5)
(My math may be off, lol)

Step One:
- Sign up Here.
I suggest you make a new email address, you might receive spam for a while, because your doing offers on other websites.

Step Two:
-Choose your prize. If it's something off of the prize list, you'll immediatly get the amount of referrals you need. If it's something you have to custom order, make a support ticket titled "Custom Order" and tell them the link to the product you want to custom order. When you go to your status, it will still say 0/0 refs. But when you go to order, you'll see how many referrals you need to get.

Step Three:
-Do 5 offers. The last 5 are the ones I did. Before every offer you do, REMEMBER, clear your cookies, disable your FireWall, and turn off your popup blocker. You have to disable your firewall, because if you don't, you won't get credited. For the website to know you did the offer, a tracking cookie is placed on your computer(it's harmless). When your done with the offer, you can just re-enable your FireWall. That's the way I did it.

Step Four:
- Tell your friends about this website.

Put your referral link in your signature on Forums:
-Honestly this is one of the easiest ways to get the referrals. Why do you ask? If your a user, on the forums, with more than 500-1000 posts, they will believe you and sign up under your link. Does that mean you should have that much posts just to get referrals? No, you just need to be friendly and helpful and you'll get a lot of posts. That's the way I've gotten my referrals and they've been active. I get ~10 referrals a day using this method, I highly recommend it. Also, make the signature relevant to the forums. If your on Playstation 3 forums, don't say "Get your Xbox 360 here", make it something related to the Ps3. Like "Here's how I got my games free", or "Here's how I got my Playstation3 free". And I'd be telling the truth, because this is how I actually get my games :P.

Make videos:
-This is a fairly good method if your good at making videos. Because videos get a lot of views daily, and if you can hold the viewers attention, they'll sign up under you. I use this as my secondary referral technique. Why? Because all you have to do is set it up, and let it do the work by itself. You can use Windows Media Maker or Camtasia to get started.

Tell Your Friends:
-Easiest way, because they actually know you. Not much more I need to say on this.

Why should you use CustomOrderThis over other websites?

Well, out of all the websites I've been to, only CustomOrderThis has free offers. Most other websites make you use a Credit Card to complete the offer, while this one doesn't require you to. So, if your looking for a way to get your games, consoles, or anything you need off of the internet, this is your way of getting it. Hey, why waste your money, when you can get it for free? You can sign up here. (scroll down to the bottom of the page so you can start the signup)

The Benefits of Using CustomOrderThis

This is a website with a great reputation. This website gives you items in return for either doing offers and getting referrals. A referral is getting someone to sign up under your name. Now this website is good because it saves you a ton of money. Not only is it great, but it has been given a B Grade overall. While most other prize sites get grades of C and D. So, this is 100% scam free. I'm currently working on getting a Desktop computer, since my computer is in need of an upgrade. You can sign up here: Click Here

All you have to do is complete your offer, to get the first step done. The BEST thing about this website is, they have offers that do not require Credit Cards. The offers are 100% free. So all you need to do is 4 offers that are worth 1/4th of a credit, so you can get a full credit. Then you have to refer a certain amount of people to do the same.